Faeces Pump B40M + chopper

Faeces Pump B40M + chopper

Item number: 92.96.040F
Order unit: Per stuk

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Faeces Pump B40M + chopper

Self-priming pump for transporting all domestic water and faeces. Can be located above the liquid level. Provided with a chopper.

In view of stricter environmental measures: "A pump made for the future"

Type: B
Colour: Blue
Pump type: Self-priming centrifugal pump
Impeller type: Half open impeller with knife
Motor type: Short circuit motor
Fuse: NOT inbuilt
Shaft seal: Carbon on ceramic mechanical seal
Liquids: Heavily contaminated water (sewage) with large solid pieces (not stone or metal)
Voltage: 400 volt three phase

Impeller: Cast iron
Pump housing: Cast iron
Pump shaft: Stainless steel

Faeces Pump B40M + chopper

No head: 21.500 liters per hour
5 metres head: 25.500 liters per hour
10 metres head: 15.000 liters per hour
15 metres head: 5.000 liters per hour
Discharge head: 15,0 meters maximum
Suction head: 5,0 meters maximum
Particle size: 18 mm maximum
Connections: 1.1/2" internal thread
Dimensions: 438 x 215 x 240 mm
Weight: 26 kg
Shaft power: 1,1 kW, 1,5 pk, 2850 rpm

230 V, 9.2 A
400 V, 2.4 A
Volt: 230 V or 400 V

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